Fight Fat With Food

Don't let your body fat beat you in the fight for good health !

Gear yourself up with the motivation, knowledge, skills and resources you need to form life long healthy eating habits to not only smash your goals, but to sustain them too.

The interactive and casual one-hour sessions each week will cover:

- Food knowledge of fattening foods

- Individual nutritional requirements

- Meal planning

- Mindful eating practices

- Food label reading

- Healthy food shopping on a budget

- Recipe modification

- Healthy cooking

- Smart choices for eating out

This also includes a personalised exercise plan developed by Lisa at Fit Up Fitness, a cooking class and a food shop tour.

The next group sessions will start on Monday August 14th at 6.15pm and Friday August 18th at 4.00pm and run for eight weeks until the first week of October. For these we will be based in the group fitness room at Fit Up Fitness. Spaces are limited so to register, please contact me (Megan) on 0432 061 886 or Fit Up Fitness Reception on 5463 2737.

Looks amazing but can't make it to these ones? - You won't miss out! Register your interest for the next group along with your time preference, or watch this space!